Well my names Julie. I'm 15 and I love reading and writing and I may not be any good at it but that isn't going to stop me. 
I am also in love with The Wanted, met them 20/10/11. I've also met lawson, parade, fanfair, Jessie J, Marcus Collins, Craig Colton, Jhonny Robinson , Jannet Devlin, The Risk, The Lonsdale boys club, Conor Maynard, Starboy Nathan and JLS! <3

I absolutely adore skittles, I have had many happy memories one include me chasing my brother out the house screaming 'TASTE THE RAINBOW'

My favorite books are:
The Twilight Saga
The Vampire Diaries
The Morganville Vampires
The hunger games

My favorite color is turquoise,
My favorite animal is a penguin,
My favorite food is pizza:)

An you have just waisted 2 minutes of our life reading that:D
Hope you enjoy my books.
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TasteTheRainbow1 TasteTheRainbow1 Feb 18, 2012 01:16AM
@carissa89 I really like it, you're really talented :)xxx
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