Hobbies: Airsofting, R/C Cars, Dirt Bike Riding, Off-Roading, Exploring, Hiking, Gaming, Roleplaying, Lego Building, and Collector

Things I Love: Wolves, Guns, Star Wars, Call of Duty, Military Stuff, Music, and Forests

Favorite Colors: Gold, Black and Orange, Cyan, and yes, Camouflage. (It's a color to me) XD

Favorite Music Artists: Marshmellow, TheFatRat, and SuicideSheep.

Favorite Games: Call of Duty Series, Halo Series, Battlefield Series, Minecraft, Geometry Dash, Star Wars Battlefront Series, Driveclub, Castle Crashers, Star Wars: The Fallen Order, Fortnite, Spec Ops: The Line, Rocket League, Left 4 Dead Series, and Forza Series.

Wolf Name: Ranger
Alpha, Kind, Hates Violence or Aggression, Bashful, Independent to some Extent, Helpful, Adventurous, Loving, Decisive, Slow to React, Being Hunted by his Old Pack, and A Collector.

PS4 Account: TaskForce1for1

YouTube Account: TaskForce1for1

Instagram Account: taskforce1for1
  • United States, California
  • JoinedDecember 9, 2017

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Dream Stories: The Odd Ones' Out by TaskForce1for1
Dream Stories: The Odd Ones' Out
So I had a dream last night and thought it was really good, almost like I was watching it as a movie. I just...
Operation Lone Wolf by TaskForce1for1
Operation Lone Wolf
Operation Lone Wolf is about a soldier named Ryan and his fireteam of 5. His team is sent on a mission to inv...
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