Is confused about some books


Hello everyone I'm sorry n how I'm behind on bestfriend boyfriend will upload next chapter soon but till then please read my other new book life changing boyfriend thank you :))))x


Hey there. I am writing a story titled "A White Arachnea"
          It is about a suicidal, schizophrenic albino woman who is battling between love and death. Please read, vote and comment. Thanks!
          p.s. i will read yours if you read mine. just comment on it and i will be sure to do so.


hi! first off, i love your pic!! its adorable. i promise you, that i im not sucking up to ya!! if iwere, you know, believe me, i am THE worlds biggest kiss-ass when i want to be....lol...anywho, i know, yes i do, that you get alllooooot of theese messages....but what can ya do, it's life.....lol..anywho, my point is that i want to ask you if you can read my stroy, "3 birds with one stone"? i would reallllyyyyyy appreciate it and would be happy to return the favor...
          please think about it....ciao


Hi! I bet these get pretty annoying! But, do you mind reading my Watty Awards story 'I'm Miley Cyrus and i'm a spy.'
          Or my other story which other people really seem to enjoy, 'The Bite,'
          And maybe my other one, 'The night Walkers'
          And my Sifi story 'Evil of Residence.'
          Feel free to comment, vote, read, and fan me! I would love for you to enjoy my writing!


helloo!! fellow marshmellows...i mean humans!!! i know you  get tired of these massages and ya they are really annoying cuz i personally think so too, but can you please check out my stories The Last Angel and License To Steal...Your Heart?. thanx a ton! i really wouldnt be sending these messages, but its the only solution to getting my stories out there! (seriously, this is like, my plan Z) :P thank you so so much for your time, and i would absolutely be honoured to retourn the favor!! :) :) ahh, so much for plan... (ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ) oh i got it! plan Y :( teehee okay thanx!! :) :) XD XD
          well The Last Angel is about a girl who finds out that she's the last angel and her mission on earth is to grant someone's wish to the person who can figure out her angel name. hunted down by angel seekers, she is forced to go on the run, uncovering secrets about her culture, and emotions for her guardian.
          License To Steal...Your Heart? is about a girl and a boy who are sent to take their talent necklaces, a persons most prized possession, from each other. together, they find out about each others mission while uncovering forbidden emotions.
          thanx for ur time!! 


Could you please read my first book called Conjured? It's a supernatural fantasy about a thirteen year old boy named Chuck. He is going to find out that he's a very rare and gifted person with the ability to conjure up just about anything the heart can dream or imagine. He will have to risk everything to save our world and his hidden, magical world called Astrum. Also resting on his shoulders is the dire need to rekindle the magic that was completely destroyed everywhere nearly thirteen years ago. Join Chuck in an adventure of a lifetime along with his best friend Alex and his newfound magical companion, a Gremble named Chaos. Ultimate magic awaits you inside the spectacular world of Conjured! 
          Please read Conjured today. The first three chapters are now available on Wattpad! Please vote and comment.


hey i read fallin 4 bestfriend its really gud i was da first 2 read it upload soon plz!


          I know these get annoying after a while, but itd really mean a lot to me if you checked out my story? Maybe commented and fanned? 
          I promise it's not horrible.
          And id so be willing to return the favour.
          Kay, well thanx. bye <3 xx

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