IMPORTANT: Hello, before you begin to read anything about me i'd like you to read this first. After I finish my two stories you'll see bellow, "Electric" and "Poisoned" I'm going to leave this website and my account will be left up so others can read my stories I have now. I just don't think this website is the place for me, nor my stories, to go. Farewell, it's been swell.

My name is Sabrina and I am a 15 year old artist with a cat obsession.
I enjoy reading, writing, and drawing.
I like the color red, lace, and bows.
Cute things are my forte.

Little Known Facts About Me:

-My best friend is now a Canadian.
-I prefer to drink my liquids from a straw
-I really like video game soundtracks

If you ever get the chance you should check out her works (aurora-lights) because she is a beautiful and amazing person.

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And yes, I did happen to draw my profile picture.

My Art-

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TagPanda TagPanda Sep 05, 2011 04:33AM
@featherheather101 thank you beff :) yours is pretty too
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