Hey! I'm Melody. I have to admit, i never really liked reading. I always thought it was sooo boring (unless they were by my favorite authors) and always told my sister, "haven't you heard of movies?" Because she is a total book nerd. But then, my sister showed me wattpad and i started reading books and somehow she turned me into a book nerd too
✿Random facts about me✿
~ i absolutely HATE scary movies
~ i love both cats and dogs but like dogs better
~ I love anime!♡
~ my favorite color is blue
~ my favorite animal is a fennec fox and my second favorite is an ocelot
~ I've always loved summer and winter and i wanted a season where summer and winter were mixed together. There would still be snow but it wouldn't be so cold, but it still wouldn't melt. Also the temperature wouldn't be cold or hot, it would be in the middle
~ i like to draw
~ i love to ♪siiinnnggg!!!♪ But... I have stage fright
~ and my favorite kind of music is pop
(Btw my profile pic is not really me!)
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