well there isn't much to say about me and nichole but we r exactly alike ask me any questions about us or her and we'll Private message ya !!!

"Girls , set this as your status . I bet NO guys can write a paragraph about you & send it to your inbox , one that you will NEVER forget . Boys This Is A Challenge For You."

"Okay so the cyberbullying on wattpad has to stop. Every time someone gets bullied a life is lost. Kids are killing themselves. If you are against cyberbullying then copy and past to and sent this message to all of your fans. Help me stop cyberbullying."

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Calling me DUMB won't make you SMART
Calling me FAT won’t make you SKINNY
Calling me RUDE won’t make you POLITE
Calling me UGLY won’t make you BEAUTIFUL
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TTYLXOX TTYLXOX May 14, 2012 04:08PM
Very SAD news everyone... I won't be on Wattpad until August I am leaving for awhile and I will miss you all SOOOOOO much. BIg hugs and kisses to everyone.  :`(
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