Sup guys, this is @Alyssa_The_Killer doing Reve (OCP) or Ethan (admin) account or bio or whatever      \(*~*)/!

Dreamer is Single's Pringles but fuck it who needs loves when you have food! \(*^*)/ I mean am i right? xD
Dreamer is a savoir and we both been fighting off our problems together :D
Dreamer has 3 children Jao (oldest), Moon (second child), Luna (third child), & Sly (youngest) & the mother is @Alyssa_The_Killer
Dreamer is a friendly, crazy, hyper, sweet, kind, caring, weirdo, but yet everyone loves him :3
Dreamer tries his best to make everyone around him happy (even when he's not at his best or happy himself)
Dreamer loves to help other people in needed and help people with covers and shit like that so he's a good boy :3
Dreamer is an neko, his father is the devil so he's demon along with that
Dreamer can have his stupid moments from time to time but yet he's a smart boy don't we have all our stupid moments? cx
Dreamer is a anime lover and loves reading comics
Dreamer likes playing video games (minecraft)
Dreamer is straight
Dreamer is an animal lover (=^.^=)
Dreamer is respectful
Dreamer loves RolePlaying :D
Dreamer is also a CreepyPasta (The DarkDreamer)

You know what you should follow Dreamer up there where it says follow yeah then you know what else you should do? Follow me @Alyssa_The_Killer *does flawless hair flip with ugly face* ~Ally (Admin)/ATK

Family & Friends (^^):
@Alyssa_The_Killer is my cousin
@THE_DARKINSANITY is my brother
@thetreedonuts is my sister
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