Yo! My name is Sylver and I'm an otaku, geek, and gamer. I'm super weird. Oh and I'm a vocaloid nerd!  But that is just my fandom side. I am an activist and an upstander for people who can't get their word out to the world. I'm apart of an anti-bullying club, believes that everyone should be respected as human beings no matter their religion, skin color, disabilities nor their sexuality.

Here's a bunch of anime I'm into currently/forever:

-Boku no Hero Academia
-Kyoukai no Kanata
-Ao no Exorcist
-Assasination Classroom(I love it too much)
-Little witch Academia
-Akatski no Yona(Yona of the Dawn)
-Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-Owari no Seraph
-Aikatsu Stars!
-etc. I know alot of anime

And my husbandos: #1 is Yukine from Noragami cause I have always adored blondes! #2 is Izuku from BNHA #3 is Newt from the maze runner series. God I am obsessed with Thomas Brodie-Sangster! #4 is obviously Tom Holland #Bae #5 is the hottest man in the world V from BTS aka Taehyung

I aspire to be a politician or artist or even a comedian! Hope you like my stories!
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My art! And my cat Arthur!
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