Hello! And yes, my name really is Sydney Carton. If you Google my name (I dare you) you will find that I share a name with a character from "A Tale of Two Cities". This is no coincidence, as my parents are book nerds, as am I. And yes, I am a boy. A 16-year-old to be exact.

I was born with a weird history. My mother was a Southern Bell and my father a member of the British royal family (Prince William and Harry are very distant cousins). They met at university and fell in love, though my mother had no idea my father was royal. They got married the next year and moved to Washington, DC, where they had my twin sister and I (we're fraternal twins).

About Me

I was the first member of the Lost Boys (I un-grew up with Peter). I was also the person who trained Chuck Norris. Once I felt he was ready, I joined the first expedition to reach the peak of Everest. I have found Waldo several times. At age 14, I worked out a peace treaty between the Capulets and the Montague's. I have a body temperature of 96, which makes me about 2% cooler than anyone else on Earth. I have never lost rock, paper, scissors.

Though I have found Waldo many times, unlike my friend Peter, I have never found my Wendy Darling, my Juliet, or my Cosette. I want to have fun with my friends before they grow up and fall in love and I inevitably do the same.
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