A description,huh?

(Not that I don't wanna new friends,I'm just cold,lonely,and have no social life... I just wanna make new friends.Everyone can be my new friend,you all can message me and we can talk. About life,stupid things,books,movies,mangas,anime,about all!! I would love to talk to people!)


1. 17 years old
2. Black hair dyed at the end with purple
3. Green eyes
4. Obsession for FNAF
5. Anime&Manga=Life
6. Don't like brats
7. Eating a lot of sweets,basically sweets are my source of existance
8. Can't be fat
9. Cats are the best
10. Dogs are cute
11. Having a parrot (And I am learning him how to swear)
12. Legitimate Potato
13. Loving PewDiePie,Jackscepticeye and Markiplier
14. Hating pink
15. Having a twin (Boy,he is Jason,an Idiot)

Anyway, I'm obviously an otaku and a K-pop fan as well. I'm a music lover ever since I was a kid. My hobbies are drawing and watching animé, playing guitar, swimming, and reading fanfictions. I love to learn foreign languages. I love Creepypasta... I love to listen to Anime OSTs, Vocaloid and Nightcore. I'm addicted to Minecraft.
-My favorite anime are:
~Black Butler
~Kuroko no Basuke
~Fairy Tail
~Diabolik Lovers
~Code Geass
-My favorite Creepypasta is Jeff the Killer
-My favorite Vocaloid is Kagamine Len
Favorite K-pop groups:
~Red Velvet
Favorite characters in anime:
~Haruka Nanase
~Makoto Tachibana
~Rin Matsuoka
-Diabolik Lovers
~Almost all of them but my ultimate favorites are Shuu and Subaru
-Black Butler
~Ciel Phantomhive
~Sebastian Michaelis
~Alois Trancy
-Fairy Tail
~Sting Eucliffe
~Rogue Cheney
~Gray Fullbuster
-Kuroko no Basuke
~Kise Ryoūta
~Kuroko Tetsuya
~Murasakibara Atsushi
~Akashi Seijūro

I think that this is all.
I'm goin' to eat sweets.
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Sweets-Addicted Sweets-Addicted Aug 26, 2016 07:22PM
Guys! My friend,@KiaraRoyal has said that she gives me her permission to traduce one of her books,named Emotionless (Eyeless Jack F.F.)!!I will post it traduced soon!!Wait for the first chapter!!!
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