Ohhai dere. c;

Chippie here (a.k.a @BangingChip.) Tracey is too busy being my mini-long-distance-slave to write her bio, so I'm here to save the day! And save it I shall. >:D

Okay, listen up ya'll. This girl right here? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. She's so funny and random and totally mind blowingly awesome. x'D No joke.
Isn't she super pretty? (YES, that's her in the pp.) She's so sweet too! One of my bestie's right here. ♥
Tray-c is one of the awkwardest, weirdest girls I've ever met! (ONLY I'M ALOUD TO CALL HER TRAY-C, OR ELSE SHIT'S GOING DOWN.)
But guess WUUUUT!
I love her anyways! ♥
She SO small. (': 5'1 and a quarter. xD
Sexy mofo right heeyah!
Taken by George :'3 who has fluffy hair XD he makes her smile like a le idiot


Chipster out! ;D

I got a joint account xD @RandomAssedBeeches <-- GO FAN IT!! xD

~Fan These Awesome People~


Me and my cousin's bestie with the same awesome randomness!!!♥ xD


She's so funny and awesome!!! I love her loads xD

My lovely niece, she's adorable and cute.... But she's also a lil, rebel fighter!!

P.s. I really gotta change the names on here... (-_-) They've all changed while i was away
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    Somewhere in Narnia... DW I'M SAFE FROM THE SNOW QUEEN!!
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    Jan 24, 2011 07:54PM

SweetieImNormal SweetieImNormal Sep 27, 2012 04:21PM
@BonerBait LOL im always on.. just that i use my phone.. to read stories... i get wall posts emails from watty.. so i check it on my phobe xD lol
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