I am addicted to reading, writing, photography and music

My hobbies include: finding nemo with my best friend @unorthodoxxx and eating chocolate

We wrote a Divergent fanfic together on our joint account @DishonoredClove and though the story is on a hiatus, it is still worth a read! Who knows...we may start it back up again soon.

Little about me. . .
I'm awkward, a bit hipster, and not cute or funny at all but i somehow manage to have friends...

Even though I love writing...I always get the best story ideas around midnight and forget them completely when I try to write them down D':

My four favorite writers on Wattpad are
And of course, @unorthodoxxx
-- They inspired me to put my stories up on here (or their stories did? does it matter? Just go check them out!)

I try to update every so often as I am a college student so thank you to anyone who happens to continue reading my work!

Check out my edits here: http://imageshack.us/user/badassclarr
~I do cover photos and I edit stories for anyone who asks~ #FreeMentalIllness
"Don't let the fear striking out keep you from playing the game"
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Sweetdreamer747 Sweetdreamer747 May 13, 2016 03:32AM
I happen to have more consistent uploads on "Anything But Ordinary" as many of you know. I pretty much hit a major streak of writers block in most of my stories and I don't even know where to begin a...
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Anything But Ordinary

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