Hi, my name is Sammi! 

I'm 16-years-old, and I have a very strong love for writing. Words amaze me, and any time I feel lost or trapped, I turn to writing as an outlet to vent my emotions.

My dream is to become a journalist as well as a best selling author.

I am currently working on two works for this website:
1) Secret Jewel of the Ocean - fiction
2) Little Sister - non-fiction

I also am writing a story aside from this website in attempt to later publish it.

Please feel free to talk to me about anything! From advice about life in general to unique book ideas! Even if you just want to make some small talk, I would love to be your guest!
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    Jun 15, 2011 01:16AM
SweetSummer SweetSummer Aug 02, 2011 06:32PM
@NeverSayGoodbye Thank you! That means a lot to me! I will read yours right now, actually! <3
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Little Sister

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Description: Isabella Cartenelli has had a crush on Kevin Greyson since the first day she layed eyes on him in seventh grade. The only problem is that Kevin is her brother's best friend, making Isabella Kevin's best friend...


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Sammi's Advice Column

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