So, the other day, somebody asked me what languages I speak...IN ORDER, I'll list 'em. Get ready, there's a million and five.

- Hebrew
- Yiddish
- Arabic
- Russian
- German
- Finnish
- French
- Swedish
- Spanish (Puerto Rican dialect)
- Spanish (Cuban dialect)
- Japanese
- Chinese (Yue -- Cantonese)
- Chinese (Putonghua -- Manderin)
- Chinese (Min)
- Vietnamese
- Korean
- English
- Sarcasm

I've lived in Israel, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Japan, China, Vietname, N. Korea, and America. I'm considered an honorary Asian at school 'cause I hang out with Asians soo much, and we don't necesarily speak English. I'm learning Tagolic, and my next BIG move is Brazil...next year. Uh, I'm Candian Native, Native American, Jewish, and French. We speak Hebrew / English / Yiddish at home. Mainly Hebrew or Yiddish. My math teacher and I speak Min & Putonghua & Vietnamese in the classroom. My bridge teacher and I speak Hebrew/Yiddish/German/Russian...'cause we're G's and have the foreign people swagg.

I'm considerably friendly, & I can't finish a story to save my life. -.-" I love emoticons & spam, so SPAM AWAY. >:D I URGE YOU! <3
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    a two-story card board box
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SweetImperfection SweetImperfection Nov 22, 2011 12:56AM
            How to say hello: Konnichi wa. (co-knee-chee-wa)
            Woop! :D I excited. xD lawls
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