Hi. You probably don't know me that well, so let's stick to the basics:

My real name is Robert Mallet. If you've come from my Twitter or a Facebook post I've made linking a story, you know this already.

As I am writing this on 11/23/2017, I am 254 months old. Yep, still working on the maturity. My birthday is September 23.

I am a fan of the werewolf genre (except for X-rated content), though I am actually a wolf furry. (No, I don't suffer from same-sex attractions. I just have a slight kink in my straight-ness, that's all.)

My personal favorite story that I've read on here thus far? Well, it's a close three-way tie between Golden Bonds by @NJKuhr, Wolfville by @MadisonTrupp, and the Wolv series by @Humfrey_Mahikan - each takes their own unique twist on common cliches in the Werewolf category here to certain extents. (That's about as spoiler-free as I can get.)

I love writing, though I am also a bit of an artist with the pencil and paper - you may end up occasionally seeing some of my drawings in my writings here. (Now, if we could just get our scanner set up...) I'm a bit of a mix of the two-talent and one-talent servants, not going to lie...

...which brings me to my next thing to tell you: If there are no updates on one of my stories lately, I: a) am currently suffering from a bit of writer's block and need to take some time to refresh the creative juices in my brain, or b) have slacked on my chores and lost my electronics...again. (254 months old, remember?)

Other than those things above, there's really not much else to cover. Here are some of my personal beliefs when it comes to writing:

If you can't find a good book to read, write one.

Characters develop lives of their own, and a well-conceived character will often surprise you as you write them...and will haunt you should you cancel his or her (or its) story. (Believe me, I've had this happen.)

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