Well first off, there's two of us:

-Shawny (@MickeyCakes), the IDGAF Ninja
D.O.B. - June 21st
I have four dogs: Brittany, Tommy, Sonni, and Julie
I love watching t.v; especially cartoons. DEGRASSI ALL DAY!!!
I'm fun!
I want a white boyfriend in the 5 borough area. You better be sweet and cute!
I'm kinda quiet.
I LOVE ANIMALS. My favorite is dogs, which is why I own four
I'm scared of bees.
I'm a clever comeback ninja, so don't get into insult wars with me. I will win.
I love scary movies
Fave genres of books- Horror, Comedy, Teen Fiction, Action
If you wanna chat with me, hit me up on my wattpad account [It's up there next to my name!]

-Alesanicole (@perriwinkle_princess), the Captin Save-A-Hoe Ninja
First and foremost, please call me Lessie.
D.O.B. - July 24th
I have a cat; His name is Cabana.
I can't live without my internet.
I'm crazy!
I'm bi. Why choose one when you can have both?
I'm loud and out going.
My friends call me "Daddy" because I'm bossy and controlling. But it's in a loving way, so it's all good.
Shawny calls me "Pappy" because she refuses to call me "Daddy."
I'm a grammar nazi ninja, and I can't stand spelling and grammar mistakes. Seriously, it pisses me off.
I'm blunt.
I love music.
I'm "pleasantly plump."
Fave genres of books- Teen Fiction, Non-Teen Fiction, Vampire, Werewolf, Humor
I'm a good listener, so if you ever wanna talk, hit me up on my wattpad account [Look up there!]

We've been best friends since this account's birthday of 2004. We tend to act like an old married couple, and argue A LOT. But at the end of the day, we will kill ANYONE who hurts the other person. We aren't judgemental, we have friends of all types. As weird as this may sound, we are looking for a gay best friend. We have lesbian and bisexual friends, but no gay ones. HELP!

We wanted to try writing some books together, so we made this account together. We try to update frequently, but don't rush us. Because then, we'll take forever just to spite you.
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Love is... by SuperSexyNinjas
Love is... Teen Fiction
All Frazier Giovanni ever wanted was love. He couldn't keep a girlfriend for nothing, and he felt like Cupid was contantly rubbing love in his face. He had family, friends, and good grades, but love just didn't wan...
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