All lives matter, how can that be when black lives never did?

stop your racist shit🚨
Don't just judge someone for how they act or what their skin looks like 👬
Two friends walk into a store, one is black and one is white after 39 minutes, a guy wearing a mask walks in and poles out a gun he points the gun to one of them, he then poles the trigger... which one did he shoot?👬🔫
All Lives will matter when black lives matter
All African Americans are trying to say, when they yell out "Black Lives Matter!" Is Our Lives matter as well. Just becuses some one says "All lives matter!" Dosent mean you can just ignore us, Well yes all lives matter but are you going to ignore us when we are in need?.
When African Americans started saying "Black lives matter" Caucasian/Other races Started saying "All lives matter", Do people hate us that much
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