Hello all,

First of all, I love to read; I'm a bookworm, so to say. There are way too many books that I love to name them all!
Also I love to write. Be it poetry, books, fan-fiction or other.

Here are some possible interesting facts about me... ;)
-My favourite colours are blue, black, green and red (coincidentally the four base colours of all four hogwarts houses :p )
- I love the TV programs Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Merlin and Teen Wolf to name a few.
- I'm not happy with The Walking Dead right now. You can't just break me like that.
- I adore animals, they are like family to me! :)
-My favourite animal is either a wolf or a tiger or lion. (I absolutely love dogs too. And horses and like ever other animal ever)
- No matter how many great writers I find here on Wattpad, I will never copy their work! That is a promise.
- I don't think I could live without music. I nearly always have my headphones in.
-I love One Direction (I love their music and I am extremely proud of how far they have come), The Vamps, The Tide, Hometown, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Little Mix, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran just to name a few of the many many musicians that I love.
-My lucky number is 3 - honestly I don't really know why.
-My bedroom walls are literally covered in posters.
If you took the time to read all this, thank you so much as it was probably pointless xD
A huge thank you to all you awesome people - love and hugs x
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SugarHoney18 SugarHoney18 Jun 13, 2015 11:17PM
Hey guys,
      I just uploaded a new chapter of my story.
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