Ok so I suck at these things .-. deal with it.
I'm chill..
I'm in LOVE with all the kids shows like Toy Story, Lion King, Jungle Book, Spongebob, and Cars.
I love to laugh! It makes my day when someone makes me laugh!
I'm usually cheerful and smiling but sometimes I get down.
I'm not so great with the whole dealing-with-annoying-people thing...
I'm extremely grateful to my fans and future fans! I love you guys!!
I love my puppy. She's adorable!
Enjoy my book Trusting You and any books that I work on afterwards. (Update, ENO... haha)
I'm as straight as the pole your mom dances on, so yeah.
I listen to like every type of music and if I don't know your mainstream band, deal with it. I love dubstep, rap, rock, hip hop, and some pop. I'm totally open to new kinds of music as long as it's not stupid.
I cuss sometimes, don't be offended, it's just who I am.
I love you if you're reading this.
My hair changes color pretty often...right now it's (faded) red/blue/green kind of color for the bangs, black around most of my head, and I have a blue/blonde 'coon tail underneath.
My nose is pierced and I want my belly button pierced. I pierced the cartilage of my own ear like 5 times, and no, it didn't hurt. I pierced my lip on my own, but took it out. I want snake bites more than anything.
I think I want to be a doctor, but don't count on it.
I'm a fantastic actress, you'll never know how I'm really feeling. :3
Uhmm... not much more to say. You now know about as much as the rest of the world knows about me.
I sing like Christina Aguilera if that gives you an idea. I love her song 'Beautiful'.
I do make book covers. :P So yeah... anyways :)
I'm 15. Yeah, I know, youngster >:D
I like doing the mustache face. :3 see?
Get a life if you're still reading this. Peace ._. <3
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    Under your bed :) <.3
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    4 years ago
Strong42Long Strong42Long 2 years ago
@omg_poptarts Hahaha you're so welcome (:
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