Name: you all have difinitiely a name so you don't need my one.
What I do: Live in a sarcastic world with strawberries!
What I like: Swimming, reading... The usual, blah, blah, blah
Fav Movie: Smurfs 3D!
What I say: Bad Luck!
What you should do: Vote, comment and fan my stories! Yes, you as well!
What am I like: Just, just, em, just, AWESOME

LOL :)

Stories I really recommend:
Words I Never Said
Neverland Adventures
Rock Prodigy
CaSeY & ThE NoVa BoYz
Unbreakable Love And Unforgivable Lies
How to Turn a Good Girl Bad
The Cat Life
The Assasin Boys

All of these are AWESOME, INTERESTING and FUNNY!

92% of girls would be dead if the Justin Bieber decided breathing wasn't cool. The rest (8%) would be cracking up. I am part of the 8%, post this on your profile is you are also part of the 8%!
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The Heir To Magic by StrawberryGirl
The Heir To Magic Adventure
Previously Known As Elemental Girl. Boring? Dull? Mind-Numbing? I don't think so! There was once a girl, that you could only classify her, well, as a rebel. A prankster. That was until she got expelled from high sc...
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