Looking for reading admins for a new website designed to find great stories, and help readers find great stories. Not room for the average stories to be put up on here, only the greats. If you're interested in becoming a reader to help find these stories, please let me know.

The categories so far on the website are as follows: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Romance. There is room to add more, but those are the ones that I typically follow.

Works are only to be put up if they are completed, or over 10 chapters and on their way to be completed. They are posted under a strict format of cover picture, title, Summary, relative titles, 2 wattpad user reviews, and author info. I'm also thinking of closing with author picture like the back of books.

There is a review section at the end, and if any reviews of that book are anywhere, they will be posted under the reviews and before the author info. However with my busy schedule I hardly have the time to do reviews, as well as my inexperience of knowing how to do any... - I could use a reviewer.
I do have a partner that does reviews separately that I've talked to about including his reviews, because he does his as promotion to help these authors out as well, his name is Matt Xell.

Another thing about stories to post, is I will put nothing on there without the written permission of the author, therefore I post on their profile mentioning my website and asking permission to post it on there to help them out, but will not unless they accept. I find it common curtsey.

Each story is posted in a blog format, that way people can comment on the posts about the stories, in an attempt for users to comment saying how they enjoyed the tale, another form of advertizement to help the authors, if anyone actually comments.. -_-

If anyone would like to help me on this mission, please inform me and we can reach agreements.
For those of you whom wish to view the website, it is as follows:

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