Hey guys c: I wrote a short story for fun and I just uploaded it, it's a scary story (well i hope it is) and its quite gruesome o-o. If anyone wants they can read it, it would mean a lot to me thx if you do C: the story is called "Mommy".
          	thank you and i hope you guys like it 
          	(WARNING: mature content)


Thanks for following ^^' You don't have to follow me back, I follow others for the sake of making friends c:


hey, i luv your story 'torn by a rose' it really intering and your chapters are one of those stories that grabs the reader and dont let go. say, since ur a sonamy, why not check out my story? 'Sonic: Mobian University' its a sonic boom just with more additional characters, you know to spice up the drama a bit. i really hope that u check it out. And when u do, i hope u enjoy :) 


@Boomlove345 thank you so much! ^-^ and ill check out your story im sure I'll enjoy it :3

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