Greeting, Scribes!  I am a fantasy fiend with a passion for adventure, thieves, assassins, guilds and rouges. In real life I'm also an archer and horseback rider. And I love cloaks. I'll go out in public in a full on cloak because its awesome. 

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Book Blurb:
For the last 25 years, the land of Ashtrean has been without magic. With the stars the source of their power, and the only ones capable of wielding it, the last of the The Starlyn Order have all passed on and left Ashtrean without proper rule. Lords have since cropped up and crowned themselves king in their stead. Their rule, however, is not without fail. Crime is at an all time high.
For Ryale Stromstorm, being a thief has been part of her life since she was little. She thrives on it and has increased her skills with each successful take. When the opportunity arises to steal one of Ashtrean's most treasured possessions, she cannot resist. Her mission goes awry when she lands herself in a diamond mine of slaves, now forced to labor away her life. Within its depths she befriends a man known only as Giant.
Stealing her freedom, Ryale slips away with stolen property, accompanied by the giant, named Thanifear, and a former overlord of the mines known as Daemon Arroyan. Now on the run, she has to evade capture to keep her both herself and the trinket she carries from falling into the wrong hands and changing the course of Ashtrean's history.
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