Personal accounts:
@SungminKoko ~Sungmin
@Briar_Hart437 ~ Sana
@wegotitmemorized ~ Sally

Ult groups:
Stray Kids ~ Sungmin & Sally
NCT, Clc, Ateez, Astro, Mamamoo ~ Sana (this child can't decide)

Ult Bias:
Han Jisung ~ Sungmin
Kim Sunwoo ~ Sana

Bang Chan ~ Sungmin
Bambam ~ Sana

A little about Sungmin!

Hello, I'm a 05' liner!
I'm Australian and Korean~
I love gaming, music, art.
I speak Swedish, English, French (learning Korean)
My English name is Minnie, but my full name is Moon Sung-min ^-^

A little about Sana!

Hello~ I'm Sungmin's accomplice in crime, Sana uwu. Smol bean (•ө•)♡ Indian but English on FLEEK^^
Likes: Music and Food.
Dislikes: Humans;-;
Psssssttt, I'm secretly a stone:))

A little about Sally!

Hello! Sally here~ As a fellow accomplice, you should know a bit about me right~? Here we go!
I'm an 06 liner,
I'm an Aussie with a mega accent (or so I've been told),
I love being lazy, food, gaming, art, music, dancing, lyric writing, novel writing, etc.
I'm actually trying to learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese and a few other languages (I know, surprising right? Considering the fact of how lazy I am)
Just saying but I'm actually kinda really shy/bad at human interaction, so keep that in mind if you want to talk to me~!
  • Seoul, Korea
  • JoinedDecember 12, 2018