Taylor (TaylorMonet): I never know what to say here, I could tell y'all about the splotchy birthmark on my left thumb, or the scar on my right wrist from my surgery last year. Maybe you want to know why I became a writer, or what ethnicity I am? Do you guys really care that my eyes are two different sizes? What is it that makes me, Taylor Monet, who I am? Maybe it's the fact that I'm above average. Not in everything, just my height. I'm below average at math. Writing is the only thing that I seem to excel at. It's my escape from my average life. A place where I can be who I want to be, go places that I've never been, and meet people that I've only met in my dreams. Isn't that what writing is all about? An escape into another world? Because let's face it, the world we live in today is crazy, and uncontrollable. I like being in control. I just want to write my own story. My life is my story. And these stories are products of my and xxNightStripesxx wild imaginations.

Sara (xxnightstripexx): I believe everyone's different, so I don't judge you for who you are. I have some really beat up black chucks that need a cleaning. I love animals, and plan to work with them later in life. I'm a country girl and proud of it! I have a proclivity for art of any kind, give me a few hours to draw and you'll have a beautiful pencil work, photography works out well, I love writing and have gotten alot better with practice, I'm learning to paint though so don't expect much from that... I'm addicted to my Ipod, just ask Taylor. If it's not in my ears, it's charging. I will defend my beliefs and my friends/family. Just watch your step with me and I'll be nice. Also I believe GUN CONTROL IS STUPID!

Feel free to chat/email us at anytime. As our name hints at out books have a little bit of romance in them, what can I say that's what Tay writes best :)

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Hey guys! As you know, Deadly Hallows is being published next Tuesday (Feb. 16th) That means this weekend we will be taking it down as per the agreement with our publisher. It will go down to four-fi...
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