Hello, my Friend!!
            I just wanted to pop by and inform you about my community, "The Foot To Food Community." 
           It's a community for everyone who loves to travel and binge food. It's the best way to make new friends from all around the world. With a lot of fun, gossips, games, contests, chatting, and countless amazing projects coming up soon...
          We are hiring!!
          Whether you want to be a writer, editor, magazine assembler, graphic designer, blogger, interviewer, promoter, awards/contest host, judge, etc. Our doors are open for you!
          So, won't you tag along, and join us?


thanks for adding my story to your reading list x hope you enjoy


@ pixi3trash  I remember one similar but it was the teacher who had the guy. If you find out wich you're talking about please let me know.


i love pvris and lynn’s a queen, that’s all


Your username is mood lol