Well, I suck at writing this stuff, so here's a bunch of random stuff about me:

• Name: Caitlyn Grant
• Age: 15
• Gender: Female (from my name, isn't that obvious?)
• I'm sexy and I know it (I hate pop but I love using that one quote/song)
• Music I do like: Rock and alternative, mainly (yeah, weird for an American teenage girl), but I like some of most genres, save rap and country.
• I love sci-fi and teen-fiction/romance (that's original) mainly, and I also like fantasy. Comedy is a big plus :P
• I can be mean when I want to be, but if you aren't a complete **** I won't bite. But I may tease.
• I am obsessed with this emote: xD
• I hail from Massachusetts
• My nickname from my brothers is "Tatey" (like tate in "tater tots" and "E")
• Sports I like to play: basketball, track/field | Sports I like to watch: Basketball, hockey, baseball, football (yes, another weird thing, I know :P)
• The Hunger Games is my favorite series, and I liked Cato before the movie, and now I love him o.o
• Other books I enjoyed: ND Wilson's books (100 Cupboards series, The Dragon's Tooth), Nicholas Sparks's novels (such as The Notebook), The Maze Runner (only read book #1)...There's more but...
• I'm lazy

Because of the last bullet, I'll stop here.

Oh wait, there's more! This is now a shared account! I (Caitlyn) got my bestie to come on here. Here she is:

• I'm Alyssa. Dumb name, right?
• I'm quiet, and not as rude as Caitlyn.
• I have extremely low self confidence.
• I talk/type. A lot. (contradicts the quiet thing but w/e)
• Music: I'm a pop/rap person o.o
• TV: Comedy! Like Modern Family :D No stupid drama and unrealistic junk like Glee -.-
• I have a cat named Scorch, and dog named Void, and a frog named Rocket. Weird? Yes.
• I have 3 sibs: 2 girls and 1 boy.
• Reading wise, I like romance, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, and fantasy (very few in fantasy).
• I don't write much do you said confidence level.
• I, too, am lazy, and am stopping.
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