Hi everyone! I’ve been getting so many messages asking for more. And of course the story is not over yet! But I need your help! I’m gonna need a little inspiration to get back into writing. So tell me what you think! What do you want to see next? How does this book make you feel? Give me feedback so I can bring you the best sequel! 


@Stephattanasio i dont want to ask much things but i just want the story (recovery) to continue maybe you can write about how they tried to figure out the ways to heal them etc :")


hey! i reallyreallyreally love your stories and i am so hooked on Amnesia! i was wondering if you were going to continue Recovery? i really wanna read more of it cuz i’ve also grown attached to the characters (nO complaints tho)!!! i hope you’re doing well! thank you!!! <33


Honestly I thought they died and almost cried until I read the note thingy. and I cried in relief. I mean da fugk!!!!Why? But I’m glad she’s still alive....


First, you’re a great writer and I was so intrigued by Amnesia. I hope you update Recovery :) I’ll have the notifications on in case you ever come around to it.


Girl please update recovery :( your last activity was in 2018 so I really do hope you finish it one day it really is a masterpiece