Hey there my beautiful people! How are you? (OMG I MUST PEE, AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS. SORRY IF THAT WAS TMI...I'M AWKWARD XD) 
I am loud, smart, funny, odd, weird, VERY random, stupid (jk), friendly, vindictive, and supposedly "pretty" (I disagree) Anyways... I love writing! Teehee imma nerd, kinda, not really. :D.
. I LOVE sports such as: tennis, badminton, gymnastics, ballet, and cheerleading. Yes ballet and cheerleading ARE sports. You try doing a double black-flip which leads into a hand spring or walking on your tip-toes for hours, leaping around on a HARDwood floor. It is NOT easy.
Also, I love animals, talking, reading, eating, making friends, and my boyfriend or ex boyfriend or whatever (it's VERY complicated)
. Talk to me anytime cause I'm easy to talk to and often bored, so yeah. BYEZ!!!
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