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Thank you for your kind thoughts. My family and I were spared from the storm - me in the big city and my parents in Laguna - but the central islands suffered the worst damage of all, and some of my friends have flown back to the Visayas to help out with the relief operations. Every effort counts. :)


Announcement: The sample chapters of Save the Cake will be up until September in preparation for publication on Amazon. After that, only the first two chapters will remain, along with the author's notes. If you have already commented on any part of the story, let me know! 


Two things: The preview for the upcoming sequel to Save the Cake is now up. Just click on my profile and look up "A Slice of The Pie" - all comments are welcome!
          And for those of you who are currently following the Luna East stories on Wattpad, check out "Be Creative," which follows StC's Odette Belmonte in the planning process for her 18th birthday party and debutante ball. Eloisa, Paul, and Pappy play crucial roles in the story, and there's also a special guest appearance by a certain empanada-loving videographer ;)  
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@singer7777 Thanks, Monique! I'm still getting used to the site so I'm trying to see what I can do. Right now I have a couple of test posts, but I'm hoping to post more once I'm ready! :) 


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