Hii! Omg your stories are so great! I am in love with Seb and Bucky, and your one-shots just fuel my addiction! If you don't mind could you please read my Bucky Fanfic, and possibly give me a shout out in your next update. Its called Talk Me Down. It's one of my first works so i was just hoping you'd help me out. I would so appreciate it!!! 


Hello!! Your stories are incredible and I love reading each and every one. I requested this story a while back, but I think it was when you were gone to camp and it was forgotten about. Anyway, reader is like Bucky but she is shields instead of hydras. They give her the task of hunting down the winter soldier after nick fury is "killed". She doesn't know that the winter soldier is Bucky until she sees his face. She remembers him, but he doesn't remember her. And I was thinking that this could have two endings. One where he does end up remembering reader at the last second. Or the sad one where he kills her and only remembers her when she is dead in front of him. THANK YOU!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND A GREAT WRITER!!!


Can you write a oneshot or a fanfic (preferrably a fanfic) of pre war Bucky. It all started in high school where he was such a f***boy and Rosie/ (Y/N) is a straight A+ student. She dosent think she's beautiful because she isnt one of those blonde stereotypes. He nearly made her fail a subject because they were partners and he didnt even focus. This is why one of the reasons why she hates him. She gets a boyfriend but he was very abusive and she still has bruises and scars from him until she gets a job because he wouldnt leave her alone. Fast forward to her job, she becomes a nurse at the base where Bucky had to stay and her ends up recognizing her. He sees her as the most beautiful girl in the whole camp. (all the other women in the camp except Agent Carter were blonde stereotypical girls) She doesnt think she needs him based on their past experiences, but soon finds out she does bc she loves him and is too proud to see it. He is super protective of her (when it comes to her ex) and reads her like an open book. That at first was the thing she hated abt him. It made her feel stupid and since she doesnt think shes beautiful, her intelligence is the only thing that could keep her self esteem higher, this is why she REALLY didnt like him at first. Unknowingly, she starts influencing him to become a better man and they realize that they really need each other. PLEASE I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS STORY COME TO LIFE!!! I LOVE UR WRITING


This sounds like a very thoughtful idea! There are a few points I would most likely change if i were to do a fan fiction. Some of the personalities aren't my style of writing. I'm much more for sting characters. I'll probably ask the readers of my Sebastian book to see if they'll enjoy reading this as well!!