Hey guys. This is Team Standalone commander and you stumble across this account and trying to defend the world and the civilians from an infamous army, Illuminati Syndicate. The leader of this account is @Mobile_Gaming We accept ocs, just fill out a form and make sure your oc is a hero. I'll add your oc here. Oh and by the way, we only follow members and group accounts we're affiliate with so please don't get offended if we didn't follow you back. Inspired by @SonicSquadStars 

(these characters are from Metal Gear Solid, Gravity Falls, Sonic, etc)

Mason "Dipper" Pines: @Mobile_gaming
Pacifica Elise Northwest: @AleTheDarkHedgehog
Survivor Capeill: @Survivor_rosas
Steve: ➖
Max: ➖
Sonic: @Shadowthehedgehog85
Silver: @-silver-the_hedgehog
Shadow: @Blizzard-Star
Amy: @MariaAndreaTheHedgie
Sticks: o
Mabel Pines: @milkywaysugar
Wendy Corduroy: ✔
Alex: ✔
Jesse: ✔
Tux: ✔
Blaze: @ZairaDrayan
Rogue: @Xx_QueenofFangs_xX
Tails: @Kitty-Senpai19
Sanctum: @XxShadowthehedgiexX
Venice: @Silver_The-Hedgehog
Zilver: MIA
Zhadow: @SonicXSolar
Zonic: MIA
Zails: MIA
Hazen: @keanu_the_hedgehog
Cream: @sonicthewerepuppy2
Omega-123: @ Shadow_The-Hedgehog7
Honey: @Xx_SexyBeautiful_xX
Knuckles: @TripleS-Crewfangirl
Charmy: MIA
Light Gaia (Chip): @Run_Sonic
Tikal: @Graciethehedgehog
Solid Snake: ✔
Otacon: ✔
Meryl: ✔
Roy Campbell: ✔
Raiden (MGS): @Reina_de_Naipes
Mei Ling: ✔
Big: ✔
Sticks: @SatanOfSpeed
Tails (sonic boom): @Ultimate_Sontails
Petra: ✔
Olivia: ✔
Axel: ✔
Manic: MIA
Scourge: @Slash-the-hedgenaga
Classic Sonic: @Little_Cute_Cookie
Classic Tails: @RatchetandClank14
Jason Brody: ✔
Sgt. Rex Power Colt: @Panzer-Commander
Nathan Drake: ✔


Alexandra The Hedgehog: @Loveless95
Icing the Hedgehog: @XxSnowthehedgiexX
Ryan Cage: @Ryan_Beast_Cage

✔/o/MIA: Position is open
✖: Position is being auditioned for.
➖: You have to win my contest or challenge to earn this position.

We accept ocs, just submit a form about your oc and you're good to go and it'll be there.
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To make contest locked characters on my list special, anyone who join as those peeps will get a shout out. Shout out to @AleTheDarkHedgehog for joining as Pacifica Northwest and being the first to j...
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