What to say!! lol I love to read! I have an even greater passion for music and on occasion I will write something. Generally music but have tried my hand at poetry and a story or two. =) I am a hopeless romantic wearing my heart on my sleeve! I LOVE anything supernatural related! However I will read anything that catches my attention. I have found some awesome talent on wattpad!!! (@Rachloves2write, @Canse12. two of my favorites! hope the spellings were correct!) Thanks for helping make my days fly by when faced with a rather dull and mundane workday! lol =) If you stop by my page to read anything please comment! lol Need feedback! =) 

P.S. If you havent read The Gift by @AnnaSpear you need to! lol Awesome writer!!! =)

Thanks for taking time out to read a lil bout me! =)

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Stacey_L_Hutchins Stacey_L_Hutchins Feb 04, 2010 06:59PM
@topazfairy: No thankyou for posting!!! lol  I love to read good talent!!!!!! lol =)
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