I am 13 and I have blonde hair (a range of different colours, blonde, brown and a tiny bit of red but mostly blonde) and brown eyes (one is slightly lighter than the other).

I am insatiably in love with the hunger games and everything about the hunger games and i also love Josh Hutcherson. I think that Josh is the perfect actor to play Peeta. He portrays him perfectly and he is so, so perfect. And Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect actress to play Katniss just like Josh she portrays the character in away that can't be described.

And yes i am obsessed with Josh Hutcherson and everything about him <3 oh and the hunger games and Maddison Marshall Thornley's beneath the ashes of district 12. <3
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The Taking

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Description: ~Hi, my name is Stacey and the only reason I actually wrote this book is because I'm extremely board out of my mind and i was looking at actors on Google images and got the idea to write a book. sorry if the...


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