two bros chillin ina  hot tub 1 feet apart cause theyre gay

"under different circumstances, this would be totally awesome." -c.b.

howdy i'm sif
- pansexual
- she/her
- sad

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my name's arlo
autistic, adhd, tourette's
be gay do crime
  • { We're in your cereal bowl -arlo } { Your cereal bowl is in Tacobell's dumpster -Sif } { Why is there a cereal bowl in Tacobell's dumpster -arlo } { Why wouldn't there be a cereal bowl in Tacobell's dumpster -Sif } { True -arlo}
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Story by gay time
• Art Book • by Ssarlo
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This is Sif's and I's art book! We'll put our art here, if we want. -King
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