Welcome all you goofy goobers.

This is a joint account made by:
@ishine4youu [Boo aka Fatima] &
@xSummerParadise [Lizbear aka Elizabeth]

Hope you like our story! :D We work very hard on it.
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SquishieSnowflake SquishieSnowflake Oct 10, 2012 01:47AM
@mockingjaycouture Ahaha, thank you! :D I'll make sure to check them out on my account xSummerParadise ASAP! :) x
            @dogdog Thanks, love! :D xx
            ~Lizbear. x
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Fix You (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Social data: 3.1K reads. 104 votes. 49 comments.

Description: Two girls are broken and they are counting on the five lads of One Direction to fix them, will they succeed?


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