Ok, I'm a complete pansexual mess


Pansexual (obviously)

Fandom tRaSH

Theater nerd lol

Fuckin weeb

I will not hesitate to kill anyone who does anything to the people I love

In some kind of weird edgy but not phase

I don't even know what I'm doing

Seriously why are you reading this

If you're actually interested in me I guess I'm in middle school, have a group of crackhead friends that I love with my very being, love to draw and might post an art book at some point, I love singing and I do any choir event I can, and I have no idea what I'm doing with my life 👁️👄👁️


Dear Evan Hansen
Be More Chill
Phantom of the Opera
The Lighting Thief (books and musical only tho the movies were trash)
Book of Mormon
Beetlejuice (musical)
21 Chump Street
Spring Awakening
Sailor Moon
Tokyo Ghoul
Black Butler
Death Note
Pandora Hears
Madoka Magica
The Umbrella Academy
Mystic Messenger
The Legend of Zelda
Twenty one Pilots
My Chemical Romance
Pan!c at the Disco

If you need to talk my DMs are always open so don't hesitate to ask for help I want you all to be happy and safe!

I think that's it so for now I'm out, have a good day/afternoon/night and have fun!
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