it's my two-year anniversary of being on wattpad :::::::::::::::::::::)


@SpoopyShoopie Aww congrats bud!!!


          hello lovely!       during these rough 
          times, it’s nice to get some positive 
          energy out there.       so here’s your 
          challenge,  love yourself!      please 
          smile bright!   you’re beautiful just 
          as you are!      you shouldn’t live to 
          meet anyone’s standards. keep in 
          mind that if someone doesn’t love 
          you for you, they’re not worth your 
          time. shine like the damn star you 
          are! you’re doing great! even when
          times get rocky, i encourage you to
          keep going! i love you and you have 
          a friend right here if you need it! ♡
          - lizzie ! ♡


a friendly reminder that you don't need to understand why someone likes something, or why something is popular. i know for a fact that i didn't always think this way, & ive definitely said some things about people's opinions that i regret, & for that im sorry. but yeah, hi, it's six in the morning, havent slept all night, & im just here to remind y'all to be respectful about what other people like because (without naming names) ive kinda noticed some people who sometimes bash what other people think/like  
          okay im going to disappear again, youll hear from me in a few months when i decide to post something dumb on my mb :}