I'm Sploot! I know, weird name..

Just kidding! My name is Lukas! The Corgi's name is Sploot :p
He's cute, isn't he? Be gentle with him though, he's a pup still..
Sploot is quite small, but is growing bigger each day, I think. He's one of the best dogs, I mean it. Hm.. Is there nothing else?



I love Hetalia! When I figured out Norway and I had the same name, I was shocked, but amazed some how. I will roleplay as well! It's fun, and useful to kill time~
Dogs are really cute, especially Corgi pups. They have such small legs, but are very adorable as you can see. Honestly, I just love anime and dogs, maybe that just it? Art is fun too! Drawing is so my thing, especially if it's anime!



I hate, I mean, hate people with bad personalities. But, if they're just tsundere, I can accept that. Though suicidal people.. If they show it, I indeed will just ignore them. It's annoying quite often if they show that they're suicidal. Pretty sure that they just want attention, but I have nothing against them... Don't tease me.. Or make fun of who I am, if you do, I'd tell you not to do so because things won't go so well



Oh? I have orange eyes and like a.. Orangish-blond hair. A weird combination, right? Reminds me of Thanksgiving or something. I'm an unusual child that was born, but I feel that's what is unique about me. My eyes...




There are way more, and did you realize those ships were all from Hetalia? XD


Ah.. Enough talking about me. Let's talk about you! What do you like?


Wanna be friends? :D
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