To anyone who comes upon this profile, don't expect me to post anything anytime soon; I'm extremely protective of what I write and that is unlikely to change.

About me:
•I am a 15-year-old girl (she/her)
•I have an older brother
•I am a Capricorn
•I'm from Michigan (Go Wolverines!)
•I don't really know why Michigan fans hate Ohio State, but I'm a Michigan fan so I am not at all fond of Ohio State
•I don't go to the hospital for anything. I sprained my wrist and I refused to leave the soccer field.
•I play soccer (left mid or center back) and tennis
•I am in way too many fandoms
•I can't just be a casual fan of things. No, it's impossible.
•I'm straight
•I want to go to art school (preferably SCAD) to become a graphic novelist
•I like to play piano, guitar, and I sing. Do I do any of those well? Probably not.
•I'm that kid that likes MCR, FOB, ATL, TØP, and P!ATD, but isn't emo.
•I know morse code
•I know how to say "I eat children" in English, French, German, and Romanian

Occupation: family disappointment

If I do end up posting something here, then I hope you like it! If I haven't posted anything, then... what are doing here? But, uh... yeah. That's my description, I guess. Have fun on the internet.
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