Hello everybody! My name is Sparkle! Now, I've read before that this section thing-y is used to tell everybody about yourself so here goes, I guess. *clears throat*

My real name is Mercedes, and please spare me the car jokes! I've heard all of them! Lol. I am female, but I honestly don't care if you refer to me as male. I'm 17 years old. I am bisexual and I believe that a person should fall in love with somebody's personality rather than their looks. Why? Because looks are fleeting, but personality is forever. It's who you are. My favorite color really depends on what my mood at the moment is. My favorite pass times are as follows; Wattpad, drawing, singing, YouTube, Reaper, Otome games(Don't judge me!), MLP:FIM, writing stuff. I don't have a favorite food. Too many to choose from!

Now that that boring stuff is out of the way, it's time for a riddle! Post the answer on my wall! Also, remember to request a story if you want me to write it! Also note that if you follow me, I will follow you.

The riddle:

A is the father of B, but B is not the son of A. How is this possible?

Another one!

Two fathers and two sons went fishing. By the end of the day, they each had caught one fish. How many fish had they caught?
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