Hello everyone, you might be wondering where I am now and what happened to my book. Well it’s discontinued for several reasons.
          	I felt detached from the main character, I also felt like she was just a classic “I’m not like other girls” girl and all the countries has personalities that were as stiff as cardboard.
          	The book eventually felt like a chore to me rather than a method for me to relieve stress. I guarantee people came to my new book for romantic scenes but I just didn’t deliver well. The only book I enjoyed making was “game over” it felt so fun and relaxing to write that book for you guys. 
          	The last reason is because I felt guilty for using someone else’s idea. Yes, the plot was not made by me. They were made by my friend who’s also in the fandom. 
          	This is why I’m very sensitive about the plot ideas to my book being replicated in other books. Because it’s not my plot. I gave him my social media’s when I stopped uploading my books.
          	If you’re wondering, I’m doing fine, thank you for the concern. Me and my friend are currently preparing for finals but I thought I should at least say this before I disappear again. 
          	If I ever decide to come back, I’ll come back with a story with a plot completely made by me. Thank you for the journey so far, I thank you guys for sticking around until now. 
          	I might post the original ending for “strings attached” one day.


@SoyaBeanie Oh well thank gosh you're alright at least! We all got so concerned, lol. We thought you died! Thanks for writing the stories, even though their plot wasn't yours. It was fun! Regards to your friend too for making such an interesting plot! We wish y'all good luck in life! Again, thank you for bringing us a good time. It was fun while it lasted!


 That’s not a problem at all! You are a really good writer and I really admire your writing! I understand when it started feeling like a chore and not something to relive off of knowing I had some similar personal experiences as well. I hope you and your friend are safe and content and happy wishes on your finals! 


That’s not a problem, you had good reasons to discontinue the book and I wish you good luck on your finals and for your friend as well. Take good care of yourself and we hope for the best for you. 


Soya sweetie, are you alright? Don't feel guilty for stealing someone's idea. I really hope your doing good. You are the best writer ever which made me a big fan of you, please stay safe. :(


I read your book game over and the ending to strings attached, I want to say that it was an amazing book. Thank you for what you have written for us. I actually didnt expect that ending to strings attached, I dont know if I like it or not. But anyways, you are a very talented writer/author. Take your time with the books you write, no stress.