We are sora.and.noir from quizilla :D We're best friends from a small town and we are in love with anime/manga! 

Noir: We originally started writing when Sora randomly wrote me a story 6 years ago. Then I continued what she started by writing my first Naruto story (Gaara love story) which is not being posted on here cause it is HORRIBLE!

Sora: Carrying on the tradition, I started a Naruto story as well (Kakashi love story) which also ended very badly....we would rather not discuss it. After a while, Noir discovered quizilla randomly and we made separate accounts just to keep track of stories.

Noir: But we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

Soir: SO!...

Noir: We ended up writing more and more stories and one day I posted some of them while Sora posted random things for a while.

Sora: Basically, it didn't take me very long until I started posting my own stories. Eventually, because Noir made my account with both our names in it (*rolls eyes*), we decided to join our accounts.

Noir: I had to transfer ALL my stuff over to her account WHICH was very tedious and annoying just for the record -____-

Sora: ^o^ Ever since then we've been writing stories varying from Naruto to Black Cat, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to Ouran High School Host Club (Some of which are not yet posted) and still have a lot of incomplete works to finish.

Noir: We are HUGE procrastinators and lazy so it sometimes takes a while. Just bear with us ^_^

Soir: In conclusion,

Sora: We joined Wattpad because we received an email on quizilla from Amaterasu with a request for this site. So we joined it up! And now here we are!

Noir: Hope you enjoy our stories and keep an eye open for upcoming projects ^o^

Sora: messagerateenjoy!? :D

Noir: Peace.....
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A Shot in the Dark - Train Heartnet love story

Social data: 7.7K reads. 157 votes. 39 comments.

Description: A Shot in the Dark is about Falene Dawn who took over Chronos' number 13 after Train quit. Now Train has made it his goal to break her away from that life to live by her own rules on her own terms. But between a psychotic sister, haunting past and c...

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I Am Not Just Your Little Puppet {A Kankuro Love Story}

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-// Blind Symmetry - A Death the Kid Love Story \\-

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In Blind Symmetry, Akane Kagawa is a talented, blindfolded meister wielding twin sais Kyo and Kyoto Osak...

Hi lovelies, I've been reworking this story in a pretty massive edit for a while now. I'm struggling to find the time to make it happen but I'm slowly getting there. I have half of the next chapter written but I won't be continuing it until I finish the edit because I haven't decided how much is going to change yet. Don't fret though all you devoted readers, I have not forgotten you! This is my second favourite story to write (my first being a yet-to-be-published Levi Ackerman from AoT story) and it's right near the top of my priority list! I'm working away at it though, so try to be patient with my busy little self :)
Long time no speak, lovelies :) I would like to let you all know that I am doing a massive edit of my A Shot in the Dark story and both Sora and I have a lot of chapters typed up and nearly ready-to-go in old/new stories. We're trying this thing where we upload chapters when we have more done so we don't feel like we're letting you guys down cause we take so bloody long haha :) hope all of you are well, try to be patient with us ^_^ -Noir