Something u should know about me? Ugh well. My favourite types of books I like to read on here are comedy, vampire, werewolf and romance. I love a good twist to a story and get very caught in my most favourite reads. I love the cheesy stuff even though it's well, cheesy.

Three facts about me:

1: I love the smell of detol
2: My bed is too comfortable to get up from - but I never want to go to sleep.
3: Books are a pleasurable weakness - I love them too much to part

Some good reads <3

Struck (A vampire novel) - CaitSarai
Million Dollar Man - jnovak16
Second Chances - lanixo
Sink Into Me (book series) - Misguided
The Bad Boy and The Nerd - ThE_dReAmEr_10

Some of my favourite book quotes <3

Looking for Alaska:

"Thinking that if people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane." - page 109

"I laughed 'What the hell is that?'
'It's my fox hat'
'Your fox hat?'
'Yeah, Pudge. My fox hat.'
'Why are you wearing your fox hat?' I asked.
'Because no one can catch the motherf***ing fox.'" - page 127


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@JosephMorgan: "A man is a killer is a saint is a monkey is a cockroach is a goldfish is a whale, and the Devil is just an angel who asked for More..."

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Description: As soon as I started to scream, he started to panic. Then, that's when I saw them...the 2 fangs in his mouth and his black eyes. I screamed louder, but then, I suddenly couldn't, my neck was stinging and felt...


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Naruto characters...HERE?! ON EARTH?! ONE WORD! EPIC! (EDITING!)

Naruto characters...HERE?! ON EARTH?! ONE WORD! EPIC! (EDITING!)

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Im your WHAT?¿

Im your WHAT?¿

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Story Reading List

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