Warning: I curse. If you want me to not curse near you, tell me, its not a problem.
--You are beautiful. Never believe anything less. I made that mistake once, but 1D changed that for me--

I'm a directioner. You can call me ugly, you can call me a bitch, and I won't care. You insult One Direction? I'll attack you. I'm a potterhead. That'll never change. I'm a Tribute. But most of all? I'm me.

In my mind, I'm married to Louis and love Harry, but of course my husband doesn't care, because he loves Harry as well.

I'm a huge Ouran fan :)

If you want me to read your story, all you have to do is ask :D *I read fanfics, thats about it*

I design covers :)

My birthday is June 2nd.

I don't give out information like age or town. Its called sense.

I love cats :)

I'm a sweet girl. As in I love sweets. You thought I was sweet? HA HA HA. jk... possibly.

I guess I'll post my goals now:


200 *
1,000 O.O


1 Watty Award
Finish a Story
Finish 3 Stories #1 On Whats Hot

I know they're a bit out there, but... you know.... yeah...

Also, I'm really bad at updating, I'm sorry.. I'm just really busy.

© L a b e l l e d F u c k i n g A w e s o m e n e s s ®

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SophiaPotter SophiaPotter May 22, 2014 06:33PM
Hey babes. I'm kind of in a writing kind of a mood, so tell me what you want me to update! First come, first served- first story asked for is the first story I update.
            Also- how do you guys feel abo...
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Description: Cancer. That dark cloud everyone fears and hates with an intense passion. No one really believes it would happen to them. But it can, and it did. Nobody would have guessed it- Shawn was always such a happy go...


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