Heyyy My name Is Sophia.. :P 

My wroks which im writing;
That Guy At The Back Of The Class

BRAND NEW (soon out)- Harry Styles Story.



Complete Works;

Draco Malfoy Love Story - For Lilly Jones

Teen Wolf - Love Story

Dougie Poynter - Love Story


Ok Thats All My Works Soo Far! Back To Me

Im 16 years old. :)

I love tons of celebritys ! Ofcourse All boys!... I would write them all down but takes ages...

Ok, Probley all my fans would already be fanning her but my best friend in the whole wide world is on here Angelscanflyy... Please Check her out.. She is amazing, she has loads more than me.. :(

As you can see from the picture and stuff, Yeah I Have Bright blue hair. ! And Proud.. Thats Me, Not Much More Actually About Me! Just The Hair, ! All Different colours depending on my mood.... :D

As you all know, being all huge fans of ONE DIRECTION as well as me, i luckily got arena concert tickets and seeing them next year LIVE! Sooooo Happy... Gunna be great.. :D 2013 Come on hurry up !

Ok, Im not the best of writers. . . Im learning... Im starting to spend more time with my works.. (And checking the spelling properly now). I have just over 20 fans .. :L Thanks For All The Fans! Just need to build them up now..
Keep fanning it means a lot to me and i would love if my fan number kept going up.

If any of you have any works they would like me to write for you inbox me and ill make a story for your choosen person... Thanks x :D


Thanks For All The Suppory on my books, Means sooooo muchh :P

Love You All, All My Fans :P Your all wicked!

:P :D :P :D :P :D :P :D

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SophiaHere SophiaHere Jun 06, 2012 04:40PM
Heyy Im not on here anymore sorry... But my friend Maddie -"MaddiMyName" Has taken over and is now carrying on all my books.. If you want to read my The Guy At The Back Of The Class " Book its now on...
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Teen Wolf - Love Story

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Description: This Story Is About A Girl Samantha Who Falls For A Guy Called Scott But Is There More To This Love Story Hiding Behind The Shy Face Of Scott ...

16 Parts - Completed

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Hi im Eliza, Im 14 years old. My best mate is Demmie. But when i see this guy, all changes....... ever...

Draco Malfoy Love Story - For Lilly JOnes