Time for a Full Update:

First off, I am a agnostic/atheist/humanitarianism/freethinker and pantheist. Who believes in Evolution and the Big Bang, if you want to know more on the topic feel free to PM. Personality is the key for me. I am a human rights activist, and LGBTQ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queer etc..) supporter/rights fighter. I do not care if you like gays or not, and I am not telling you to like them, I AM TELLING YOU TO RESPECT THEM!

Some of my biggest heroes of 21st century:

*Christopher Hitchens
*Richard Dawkins
* Neil Degrasse Tyson
* Lady GaGa
*Obama (I still love him!)
*My Mom
(list is not in order of importance)

<b>My pet pevs: Please pay attention to them!</b>

*When people refuse to believe in reality, science, truth or evidence because it doesn't fit with personal belief or religion. (I am fine if you believe in God, as long as you are respectful etc...).

*When people are willing stupid and refuse to learn. I am a person of intelligence, thinking, and reasoning.

*When people are rude, homophobic, transphobic etc..

* CLICHES!! They annoy the heck out of me. My works are original and they really bug me when they aren't.

*Poorly written third person novels. I strongly dislike third person, but if it is good alright. However I adore first person novels.

I do graphic designing, and I made my background for my book The Riddler's Curse. It is an Original piece, that people seem to love. I have created others as well. I am also on DevaintART: http://theaspiringwriter.deviantart.com/ so feel free to follow me!:) I love you all, and don't kill yourself, you are loved! Come to me if you have a boyxBoy etc.. novel in first person, I am a romance geek. Also I am from Inkpop, Inkiemom.
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SoleilSocrates SoleilSocrates Dec 18, 2015 11:37PM
HEY EVERYONE!! TELL ME YOUR WINTER TRADITIONS BELOW AND I WILL review a story of your choice! :) I miss you guys!
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