I am Vidisa. Call me Vesta/Vidi/Vid or anything you want. I don't mind. 

This is one of my accounts in Wattpad.

I go by my original account, i.e, @22VidisaPal. I am she/her.

I belong to the following fandoms-

1. Riordanverse
I have read almost all books of this fandom. Percy Jackson Series, Heroes of Olympus Series, The Trials of Appolo Series etc. This is one of the main reasons I am in Wattpad. This fandom is my Fav fandom. My main character is Nico Di Angelo and sometimes, I prefer the name Vesta Di Angelo.

2. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
This is my second fav fandom. I joined this fandom in the year 2019 around the time endgame was released. Thus, I didn't suffer through the trauma of seeing half the universe dying. My first marvel movie that I actually saw and understood was Captain Marvel. Now, I have watched almost all the marvel movies. I also had to go through a lot of spoilers before actually watching Endgame but don't worry people, I cried because Ironman died and I watched Infinity war, Ironman 1 and 2, Black Panther etc before actually watching Endgame. I love this fandom.

3. Maze Runner
Does it count if I have read only the second book?

These are a few fandoms that I have actually got myself into...

So, if you want to know more, I am going to publish a book on how I got myself into the fandoms. To be fair, I actually got this idea cause I was writing the description for this and realized that my whole story will not be covered in just 2000 words.

Like we all know, when a fangirl starts speaking about their fandom or fav books, she can't stop. Lucky for you, I am stopping.

Check out my books (@22VidisaPal) if you want.

Bye dear wattpaders!
~Pack Up!
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