Heeeeeeey! Guess who's alive! Yaaaay.. 
          	So, yes. I know. I've been gone for awhile. And I'm pretty sure all of you think I'm dead. But unless I got into some freak accident and managed to find out that the afterlife has reception and Wi-fi, then I'm proud to say that I'm very much alive. 
          	Things have been crazy. Nothing to be concerned about. Quite the opposite actually because not long before the summer started, my family and I moved into our new place! It's a great house and I love it. That's partly the reason I haven't been around a lot. School was one of the biggest reasons before moving even became much of a problem. And writer's block has been the main. 
          	I have had no idea how to carry on my other stories. I wasn't sure how to carry out some plans and wasn't sure if I even fully knew where I wanted the stories to go. But, I missed writing and you all so much, that I decided to try and sail through the storm that is my mind to find some survivor. And thankfully, I found one. Until I can find any others, unfortunately, the other stories will be temporarily put on hold. I'll try my best to make sure they don't stay that way forever. But until then, I'll be updating the story I've managed to gather up from my raging storm of a mind, Strong Willed. I'll be sure not to let that one fall back into the depths as well. 
          	Thank you all so much for sticking with me for all this time, those who are still here of course. I love you guys. So, enjoy Strong Willed. See ya~


@ SolangeloDemigod  I understand your problems with block - I'm not blaming you, I hate when the block "attacks me" - and similar, but I really truly love your story Within the City and I'm begging you to continue writing that story becouse iT'S SO FREAKING AWESOME AND YOU'RE THE BEST AUTOR EVER HERE ON WATTPAD!!! So please can you updatr WtC? 


Please please please update within the city!! I loved within the forest and was so happy when I found out there was a sequel, but I just finished the 7 chapters you wrote and I NEED MOREEEE!! Your writing and statues are sooo good. So please, update. I know writers block is a bitch, but you can chuck that block over the rainbow and get this story moving again! I believe in you. Thank you.


@Talia-Belle you took the words right out of my mouth


@SolangeloDemigod please please please update Within the City soon!!! I love the story, and I can’t wait for the next chapter. But I do understand your only human *cough* demigod *cough* and you have a life apart from writing. Do you have any idea on when you might post the next chapter of wtc??