Hey fellow profile stalkers :3

My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sammie. I'm seventeen years old and have an artsy personality :) One of my biggest quirks is that I'm an optimist, through and through. Seriously, it's almost impossible to get me in a bad mood :)

I have many interests. Some include: Writing, photography, traveling, reading (when I'm in the mood), painting, journaling, playing cards, Pokemon, music, drawing, and goofing around with my pals :]

I DON'T like: Peanut butter, cats, drama, or opera music :[

Well, that's pretty much all the goodies about me ツ Think we could be buds? Message me!

~Have a fantastic day!


P.S., I'm on Newgrounds.com! My username is QuirkyMustache ;D
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